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Sherman Yorkies In Texas 

Welcomes You With Loving Paws


Brenda and Steve Sherman specialize in Yorkies. ShermanYorkiesinTexas have a few different kind of yorkies we will be adding more to our line in the future.

Our Story

A Passion for Yorkies

Our passion for Yorkies and interest in serving others inspired my decision to become a professional breeder. We founded Sherman Yorkies In Texas in 2017, and have been providing the Texas area with loyal and loving pets ever since. I have had Yorkies for over 30 years and bred them in my home giving them love and attention they deserve. Since then my husband Steve and I decided to build a climate controlled kennel for our fur babies. We want them to know the love we have for them. We put our fur babies as our top priority.

As a Breeder,
I have more whelping supplies than I do medicine and first aid supplies. 
I usually have vaccines in my fridge, ringers on hand, my vet on speed dial and two rooms in my house that are my babies rooms. I am a breeder, who when bad weather strikes, save the dogs/puppies before taking cover myself. My feet find the way to the puppy pens before I have even eaten breakfast in the morning and the puppy pens are my last stop before bed. Personal plans revolve around delivering or hand feeding puppies. They are made around heat dates, whelp dates, puppies going to their new homes and vet dates. I am a breeder, who has been covered in more bodily fluids from my dogs on more occasions than I care to admit. Most of the time my conversations with friends revolves around my dogs. 
When I get exhausted and feel like I can't do another sleepless night hand feeding a puppy around the clock every 2 hours I remind myself religiously that the hand feeding is only temporary and the reward is coming. I am a breeder who sacrifices my own sanity and rest to wake up every hour to check on a dam in labor, or soon to be. Many people wouldn't understand how it feels to have invested hours upon hours into a weak puppy to ultimately lose it and how it can feel the same as losing a loved one or the joy I feel when all the invested hours have paid off in one that lives. I am a breeder, who has bottle fed, syringe fed and even sponge fed a puppy, doing whatever it takes feeding every 2 hours and it taking 45 minutes to do it for weeks at a time to ensure it's survival. I have learned to be proficient at vaccinations, sub- q fluids, syringe feeding, , temperature taking and formulated and perfected my own puppy formula. Working out natural, well working, remedies to just about every puppy issue , like canned pumpkin for constipation or loose poop's. My Vet knows me by my first name, and has witnessed me cry countless times. I am a breeder, to me that 63 days takes on new meaning still excited by every new life. It is I who delivers all my pups, towels and heating pads on ready, happiness and sadness sometimes intermingled. It is I who has breathed the first breath of life into a puppy who has refused to take that first breath. Even though it increases my work load, I look forward to the 14 day stage when eyes open, and puppies begin to emerge from the helplessness of newborns. Puppy breath, a first bark, and a heart of exploration. I am a conscientious lover of animals and I have found my niche. I am a breeder, and I am not cruel, dumb, uncaring or criminal. I take great responsibility for every life I bring into this world and ensure it goes to a wonderful, loving and perfect home. An extension of the same love and care they received while in my own home. I am not raking in money while sitting on my butt. Every penny I make I earn through blood, sweat, hard work and tears. My greatest joy is a healthy puppy going to a wonderful home. The cards of thanks, gifts from clients and the pictures of my puppies with their new families are the fringe benefits of my efforts. I am an animal lover, nurse, midwife, heavy laborer, customer service representative and marketer and PROUDLY I AM A BREEDER!


About Me

I started breeding Yorkies 30 years ago so I could share them with my family and friends. Now my husband Steve and I have since decided to become breeders of the Yorkies so we decided on the name ShermanYorkiesinTexas as well and a few different kinds which I will post later. I have been married to my husband Steve for 6 years. I have 1 son and we have 3 beautiful grand children Issiah, Dakota, and Bayli. Steve and I are still working on the Kennel for our fur babies. We have added this to our home and it is a climate controlled building. We have one area that will be the nursery for the babies and moms and also my office. Then we have the other area for the adult dogs with a fenced in area for them to play. We have Incorporated a bathing and grooming area as well. Steve and I also have other animals we have 2 Rotti's, some goats and rabbit's. We have a little farm going here. We will have a variety of colors in yorkies soon. We raise them in home with lots of love and attention. Steve and I put our fur babies first and then us.

Available males
AKC registered

Available females
AKC registered



We got our sweet baby Gabby Grace from Sherman Yorkies In Texas.  We've only had her a little over a month, but couldn't ask for a better baby!  She's adorable!  Brenda is the best Breeder I've talked to!  She is very knowledgeable, and a very loving person! Not only did a get a Great Yorkie but also a Great friend!  You can't go wrong getting a baby from her!
Love you all 
The Nealy's
Brenda, Jerry, Libby, Bella, and Gabby!


I lost Amadeus a few years ago and i swore i would never get another small dog because i was so heart broken when he passed.....Then I met Brenda Sherman and her husband on facebook and fell in love with them and their fur baby's.....And my heart melted when i seen Misha for the first time and fell so much in love with her...She brings nothing but joy and love to our home every day. I am so blessed to have her in my life....


Meet Squeaky and Diva we got them from Sherman Yorkies I think of Brenda Sherman as a Mom to all her babies. They are social happy and healthy!! When you go to Brenda Sherman's house, you will be greeted by all her fur babies....kinda of like 101 Dalmatian's only with Yorkies

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