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Answers To All Your Questions 

Check Out My FAQs

Before placing your deposit please call 903-513-3819 and/or email as I receive many inquiries daily on the puppies.


 We make trips to the Dallas area to deliver.  WE DO NOT CHARGE to deliver your puppy to the DFW area 


We can meet you in some cases half way depending where you live in Texas by appointment only.


Once you decide on a puppy, the process is simple!

Place a deposit of $200.00 on the puppy. No puppy will be held without a deposit. 


Make sure this is the puppy you want as deposits are non-refundable.

Payments can be made until the puppy is ready to come to their new home which generally is anywhere from 10 -12 weeks. This may take longer depending on the size of the puppy, (I won't let a puppy leave if its not READY!).


I accept payments through Pay-Pal and I am verified, there will be an Added 3% charge to all PAY PAL transactions for the use of their services, or through Money Gram by the way of Wal-Mart.

I accept  cash payments when we meet  on the deliveries (NO Personal Checks will be accepted).

Any time a payment is made, I will give you a receipt verifying payment.

If you need a payment plan, please talk to me (we can NOT do a payment plan on a puppy that has reached the age of 8wks) . Depending on the length of the payment plan, we can discuss payment plans that work for both of us.


BE SURE and fill out the Deposit Form with ALL YOUR CORRECT CONTACT information.PLEASE READ OUR GUARANTEE!!



We feed our puppies Science Diet  puppy.

Also you will receive ALL Vaccination and De-worming records, along with our 1 year Health Guarantee and AKC Registration or whatever registration they are.


Nutri-Cal for Puppy!!! This product is a MUST for Yorkie puppies going to their Wonderful New Homes. It helps prevent Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar).  You can get this at most pet stores - Petsmart, Petco, & Vetinarian Clinics.



For more info on Hypoglycemia Please go to the tab button called Important Info.


Just a little Information for Thought:

Please be sure you are ready to COMMIT 100% to a New Puppy! They are a huge responsibility.  Puppies need lots of attention and training and will need their new family to be understanding through the good and the bad (puppy stages!). Try to remember that potty training will take some time and puppies don't have the "ability" to "hold it" for long periods of time.  The first year will be lots of work, but in the end, the love you get from your puppy will out-weigh the work. 


It's like bringing home a newborn baby they need the love and attention.


Here is some VERY Important Information you will need before your puppy arrives.

 When you pick them up from the airport or from me in person they are going to be nervous and somewhat scared, it’s best that you go straight home with them. Be sure you bring your Puppy Nutri-Cal with you!!!!!! You’ll need to give your puppy some as soon as you get him or her in the car, and again before bed time and twice a day for the next few days (about a 1/2inch on your finger and then place in mouth or about 2 to 3 cc’s from a syringe). This helps increase their appetite & maintain their Glucose Balance and helps prevent HYPO while adjusting to their new environment. You can also offer them a little water (not much because it can cause increased car sickness) if you’re an hour or so from home. Bring a towel, most will get CAR-SICK on the way home and a crate.

 When you get them home offer them their food and water. They will probably potty, smell around, nibble on their food, drink and then sleep some. You can add 2 teaspoons of sugar to a pint of water for their water source for the next week or so. This will help prevent HYPO. (Be sure a change water daily if the sugar is added.) ... But if you give the Nutri-Cal (Which I prefer over the sugar water) you WILL NOT need to do both..

 They are eating a food called Nurti-Source small/medium breed food you can get this at some pets stores or Atwoods you can also order online. I also feed what I call Yum-Yums – I make this myself and will send some home with you (I can’t send this with the puppies that are flighing) But I will send the recipe. IF! You do not want to cook this, for the first couple of days you can feed Fresh Pet you can find this at some Wal-Marts, Brookshires or some pet stores or Little Ceasers wet food for their breakfast, lunch and evening feedings. Leave their dry food down during the day for them to eat. Make sure they are eating and they need to eat at least every 4 to 6 hours. There will be a small bag of Nurti-Source Dry. I suggest feeding this for at least the first month and if you change feeds do it slowly and feed a high quality food, Never a ground CORN Base food , (ALL Wal-Mart foods are Ground Corn base, look on the ingredients and if the FIRST ingredient is Ground Corn, I DO NOT recommend feeding that food. (Corn is a filler, they will eat more to satisfy their nutritional needs and will poop more if you fed a Corn base food). Please DO NOT ever feed Beniful by Purina.

As your puppy gets adjusted and matures he or she will not eat as much food (their bodies are nutritional satisfied). I really like keeping them on the Nurti-Source or Royal Cannin if you can’t find Nurti-Source, it is an excellent food and they do not gorge themselves tying to meet their nutritional needs. 

****I also keep around HONEY-NUT CHEERIOS for treats, they are a good source of sugar and carbs, I give them a few through-out the day... It helps prevent Hypoglycemia, THEY LOVE THEM .

****and just because you place food in front of them, doesn't mean they have eaten, please watch them and make sure they eat.

 Potty Training, I have started using Potty Pads as soon as 8 weeks to get them to go to pads.

But! The only way your puppy will be successfully potty trained is you being consistent on the method you choose to do, they will NOT train themselves.

 Also please call or consult with me before spending a ton of money at the Vets on “sometimes” unnecessary testing!! Do NOT Hesitate to ask your VET what he is testing for and why. Also if you feel something is WRONG with your puppy please contact me, in any emergency situation call your Vet first. If you feel your puppy isn't eating or acting like it should, please DO NOT HESITATE TO CALL ME 903-513-3819.

Also I do my VERY best to estimate the puppies Adult size, Sometimes I'm off a pound or two, I used the puppy wht. chart and i'll go by the parents. Not all bigger/fat puppies will be big and not all smaller/little puppies will be small... But I will do my best, by knowing my dogs. BUT I CAN NOT GUARANTEE WEIGHT & SIZE.


Some people are having a hard time finding the Nutri-cal.  Do NOT buy the GNC Brand

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